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reading tips for ielts
Matching Headings
The strategy that works
What should you know about this type of IELTS question?
  • Headings are always given before the text.
  • There are always more headings than paragraphs.
  • Sometimes the example is given for you.
  • You can use each heading only once.
  • Headings are given under Roman numerals, so make sure you will write the same numerals in your answer sheet.
Remember, to cope with this task, you should not read the text attentively, you just need to find the main idea of each paragraph and choose the most suitable heading for it from the list.

The strategy of reading only the first and last sentence of the paragraph can help you to do it faster

Everybody knows that the main idea of the paragraph in most cases can be found in the first and last sentence of the paragraph, so read them first and try to find synonyms of the key ideas from the given headings. Only if you can't find anything suitable, look through the whole paragraph.
This strategy can save you a lot of time, besides, it will help you to avoid distractors that you will definitely meet while reading the paragraph attentively.

Now practice this strategy on one of the IELTS texts and you will see that it really works!

We wish you the highest score in IELTS!
reading tips for ielts
Summary Completion With a Box
Summary completion with a box
To tell you the truth, this task is not difficult at all, however, there are some tips and tricks that will help you to cope with it faster!

  • In this task you will be given a summary (a short retelling of the part of the text) with some gaps that you need to fill in.
  • After the summary there will be a box with options for the gaps
  • There will be more options than gaps.
  • Options will be labeled with letters. Gaps will be labeled with numbers. So in your answer sheet you should just put a necessary letter of the suitable option.

What should you do to succeed in this type of task?

1. Read the heading of the sumary.
Many IELTS candidates skip this step, but it can be a huge mistake. When you read the heading of the summary, you can quickly understand what is it about and what part of the text do you need to answer the questions. It will save you a lot of time.

2. Limit the number of options for each gap.
You see, if there are 6 gaps, for instance, and 10 options to choose from, it will be really time consuming to look through all of them every time you need to find an answer. That is why, it is better to firstly read the summary and predict what grammatically or logically suits to the gap. Then you will have 3-4 suitable options for every gap and it will help you to find the correct one faster and not to make a mistake.

3. Find key words in the text.
Now you know where to search for answers and what kind of answers should they be. So, focus on the main ideas of the summary and try to find them in the text, Then read around and choose the most suitable option for each gap.
Remember, most probably you will not meet the same word in the text as in the summary or options. Try to find their synonyms, use the skill of paraphrasing, and be attentive.

4. Underline the evidence in the text.
When you think you've found the correct answer, underline the evidence in the text and mark it with the number of the question. It will help you at the end of the reading test if you have some time to check your answers.
NB. The answers for the summary completion can be mixed in the text.

Now practice this strategy on one of the IELTS texts and you will see that it really works!

We wish you the highest score in IELTS!
reading tips for ielts
Matching Sentences
Matching Sentences
For some IELTS candidates this task seems to be rather time consuming, but if you know the strategy of coping with it, it becomes much easier for you to find the answers)

  • You will be given 3-6 sentence beginnings labelled by numbers 1-6
  • There will be from 6 to 12 sentence endings labeledd by letters A-L
  • Your aim is to match each of the beginnings of the sentences with the correct ending

What should you do to succeed in this type of task?

1) Read the first sentence beginning, focus on key words.
2) Scan the text and find the same ideas in it, underline them. (As usual, words can be paraphrased).
3) Read 1-2 sentences around these ideas
4) Look through the given options, focusing only on most important words.
5) Choose the most suitable one, which is identical to the idea in the text.

Sometimes, you can easily guess what sentence ending is suitable without following the procedure described above. And it's great!

But always check your answers, try to find the exact evidence for them in the text.
The thing is, some questions are tricky. You can answer using your own knowledge and experience, but it doesn't mean that in the text information is the same.

Remember, Reading test checks your ability to read and to understand what is written in the text, but not your own knowledge and erudition.
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